Senior Scam, Abuse Help from AZ Attorney General

Debra Boehlke, community outreach and education specialist  in the Arizona Attorney General’s office, spoke to an Elder Law Day audience at Glencroft Retirement Community.  She offered tips on avoiding scams and elder abuse.

She cautioned that when approached by a telemarketer who pushes you to “Buy Now” because the offer is going to expire, that urgency should be a red flag. Do not buy!

She recommended that all your online purchases be by credit card rather than debit card. “If someone steals your credit card that credit card company will credit you back,” Boehlke told us. “And you haven’t given anyone access to your checking account.”

Wiring Money is Risky Business, Boehlke told the Glencroft audience of elders.

The latest money-wiring scam targeted the elderly is called the Granny Scam.  Continue reading “Senior Scam, Abuse Help from AZ Attorney General”