LegalShield – Top-notch training, great product

I just spent the first of two days learning about LegalShield and what it offers to employers and their employees, or to individuals and families. I met a really nice group of people too, and heard some impressive stories about how LegalShield attorneys saved them $100’s. One spoke of getting stopped by a police officer for a rolling stop, when the cop car had been two blocks away and he had stopped correctly. He called the attorney, the attorney came to court with him and the charges were dropped – for no additional fee beyond the monthly membership ($25 approximate.) Another told of starting a new job as manager of a retail store and being called at work several times by a debt collector for something long paid. He called his LegalShield attorney and she made a few calls – again for no charge other than the monthly fee –  and turns out the debt was removed from two of the three reporting bureaus and yes, was paid. A letter to the third reporting bureau and even the credit score was improved. Of course, the collection calls to his work ended too.

What impresses me about this product – besides the fact that it’s an incredibly low-cost way for all of us to have legal representation (and protection from identity theft) when we need it – is that the company is so supportive of its associates. In all my decades of employment and self-employment I have never met a firm that has so many online, phone and face-to-face opportunities to learn, and to have others help you succeed. If you are looking for a part time job to add to your income or perhaps wondering about making a career move or pick up some extra money to add to your retirement funds, I encourage you to reach out to me by phone or email. People of all ages, a variety of backgrounds and levels of sales experience, have found success. it’s a great product that just makes sense. I’m happy to tell you more and / or bring you as my guest to a local event. If you’re not local, I’ll make a call to one of my colleagues in your area so you can be his or her guest instead.  See my About Senior Wellth page for contact information.

Identity Theft Protection, Affordable Legal Help

I’ve long been impressed by, and am using the services of, a 30-year-old company formerly known as Prepaid Legal Services. The newly-renamed LegalShield is so affordable (starts at $17 a month) and provides an assigned local firm of attorneys and a wide array of legal services including will preparation, court prep and court time,  preparation of and professional advice on contracts and much more. In addition, LegalShield can help protect your identity, a huge problem in this country. There are individual / family plans and those for businesses small and large. There’s one specifically for those of you who are self-employed.

In fact, I’m such a fan of the company and all it offers that I’ve just signed on as a representative. For more information, visit my LegalShield site. Contact me anytime, for more information. Additionally, if you’re in Arizona, let’s get together for an upcoming informational event soon. You’ll enjoy good food, great information, no sales pressure, and the chance to meet like-minded folks and industry experts in the area. Call or text me soon at 623-217-4083, e-mail, or fill out the contact form on my site. I’m here to help you, your friends, and your family throughout the U.S.