Deep Discounts from Daily Deals Sites

If you’re a bargain hunter, you must sign up for your local Daily Deals sites. Online Deals platforms offer merchant discounts that typically start at a LOW 50 percent off and might just offer as much as a 90 percent discount. One in Canada, the new TikTok, only publishes FREE offers.

While many of these offers are entertainment-focused – and perhaps not always for those of you strapped for cash – cheap prices on every day basic needs are starting to pop up everywhere on these sites. You could get your carpets cleaned for at least half off, and have your home inspected for termites or its air conditioning system assessed. You might well find a special on auto detailing or oil change, or a really nice deal on a shampoo and cut. I’ve twice had the carpets cleaned throughout my entire home for less than $50, by signing up for the Phoenix-based DealRadar Daily Deals aggregator. DealRadar goes out and scouts the various local Daily Deals sites, organizes them into categories and emails me every day with the latest local bargains.

The best known Daily Deals site, Groupon, lets you “deal personalize.” That means that you tell Groupon a little about yourself including what kinds of Deals you want to hear about, and you’ll get just those categories of discounts emailed to you.

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