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While there are several recruitment websites devoted to, or including some search specifics on, jobs for seniors, not all do a great job at this., however, has actually reviewed and certified employers who clearly welcome boomers and senior job candidates with open arms. Additionally, through collaboration with CareerBuilder, RetirementJobs sorts CareerBuilder ads into senior friendly and unfriendly (or unverifiable as friendly) , bringing to its pages a feed of the former.

On any given day,RecruitmentJobs has at least 20,000 job openings from 5000 employers in its database. Of these 5000 only 100 are certified. That doesn’t mean they’re not senior-friendly. It may simply mean that they didn’t take the time to apply. After all, most of these advertisers came to the site specifically to lure its market of 50+ candidates, so one must assume they’re not ruling them out as prospective employees. One million site members deliver 150,000 unique visitors each month.

“Most of those firms who apply for certification are approved,”  Retirement Jobs CEO Tim Driver told me by phone. “The process is pretty self-selecting – those who wouldn’t be approved tend not to apply. Those who aren’t approved usually come up short when we do external reviews in the actual marketplace. We make it part of the agreement with the certified employers if things come up they investigate the problem and rectify it if appropriate. That has happened numerous times. People terminated have been reinstated and managers have been let go.”

While job seekers who use the site at no charge can search jobs by location, industry and keyword, and post their resumes, a paid Premium job seeker could conduct a search that indicated which employers are certified. She or he could conduct a certified-only search, have her resume critiqued and register for instructional job search Webinars.

While some functions and features such as mobile apps and telecommute alerts are still on the drawing board, is a handy, easy to navigate,  mobile- optimized job site for seniors.

Author: TheMediaTiger

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