FREE Round of Golf from me to you

Sun City Country Club

I’m offering a free round of golf at the Sun City Country Club in Sun City AZ, to the next Arizonan or visitor to the Phoenix / Sun City area, who “meets” with me by phone or in person about LegalShield’s identity theft protection and restoration, and low-cost legal help, via this blog. LegalShield is a 40 year old company with a sterling reputation. For less than $26 a month your LegalShield lawyer will draw up your will, your living will, your healthcare power of attorney, give her or his professional opinion on an unlimited number of contracts, make calls and write letters on your behalf, and help with all sorts of issues. These include traffic citations, debt collection, real estate or rental disputes such as eviction notice, IRS audit, and many more. Watch this short video for all that’s available to you.

LegalShield powerhouse-partner Kroll will protect your identity, and restore it in case the worst happens. Unlike your bank or credit union, this isn’t just about financial protection. Thieves can steal your identity to use your medical coverage or your driver’s license.  They might be a felon or just have a history of  job terminations and need employment. You could end up maxed out of medical care coverage when you need it most, not able to get or keep a job, or even be arrested for a vehicular crime you did not commit or unpaid traffic tickets you never acquired. If you think no one will take your identity because your credit is poor, think again. If you’re breathing – even when you’re a minor child – your identity is at risk.

Read the noted Identity Theft Adviser blog, for more on The Six Known Faces of Identity Theft.  

I’ve heard the horror stories –  the client of a friend who took her father to the doctor, only to have the receptionist say, “Oh, Mister X. You must be having real medical issues. This is the second time we’ve seen you this week.” It wasn’t. Someone else had used his coverage.

Another story – a woman who was arrested for a hit and run in which she had not been involved. Months and hundreds of dollars and several court appearances later, the innocent victim found out that another woman who had lost her license due to unpaid traffic tickets simply stole her identity, got a duplicate license in the name of the woman with the clean record and drove down the road, and into the path of an oncoming car. Then fled the scene.

Here’s a real-life video story about how LegalShield helped one victimized motorist, saving him more than $2 million in the process. 

You might think you’re protected because you’re paying your bank or credit union each month to protect you. Tell your bankers the stories above. Ask him or her if the bank would go to bat for you if either of these things happened. Ask that banker what that financial institution would do to restore your identity to pre-theft status. You’ll be unpleasantly surprised to hear the answer is that the bank or credit union will do NOTHING.

Watch this short video, and then call or email me soon. We can meet in person or do this all by phone. No obligation.

Oh, and employers, we have an even-lower group rate for your employees, should you want to set this up as a payroll deduction. And there’s no cost to you. Just the benefit of offering yet another perk to your staff, and the peace of mind and protection that keeps them in the office and their minds on their work.

Author: TheMediaTiger

founder, Describe, LLC, offering content writing, and e-book editing, ghost writing and publishing. Telework author and consultant, publisher of Izzy Quinn's Bad Trip on Amazon / Kindle:

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